Little bug in new version (1.7)

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Little bug in new version (1.7)

Post by Twan77 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:20 am

Today i installed the latest version (1.7) of Divelog on my iPhone. The update looks really good, and i especially appreciate the adding of the pressure groups. (however they do not sync with macdive)
I noticed one little thing however:

I synchronize the info on my iPhone with Macdive on my Mac. I have several dives in there, some of which are repetitive dives. In Macdive these dives are given a repetitive dive number (1, 2 and so on).
When i do a sync and i look at a repetitive dive in Divelog, the repetitive dive number is synced. But the toggle switch "repetitive dive" is always in the off position.
When i put it to the on position and do a sync again, it goes back tot the off position!
Maybe it would be possible to have Divelog take a look at the repetitive dive number. When there is any other value than zero, it means that dive is a repetitive dive. Maybe that could trigger Divelog to put the toggle switch to the on position.

COuld this be a fix, and be put in a future update? That would be really appreciated!

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Re: Little bug in new version (1.7)

Post by support » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:56 am


As you noticed, Pressure Groups are not supported currently in MacDive, so even if you enter them in Dive log on iPhone/iPad, they will not be retained through a sync with MacDive (MacDive syncs with Dive Log by first integrating all the changes from Dive Log on iPhone and then building a new Dive Log on iPhone database from the data in MacDive. Since there is currently no place to save the pressure group data in MacDive it can not be recreated in the new logbook file). We've worked very hard in the Dive Log 1.7 and MacDive 2.1.0 releases to reduce the data fidelity issues like this during a sync. You should make sure to get the latest version of MacDive as you should find the sync much improved (although the pressure groups are still not synced).

In fact, your second issue should be resolved by upgrading to MacDive 2.1.0. When MacDive generates the new Dive Log database, it sets the repetitive dive switch based on the value of the repetitive dive number. If the number is "1" (i.e. the first dive in the series) then the switch is off, but if the number is greater than "1" (i.e. a repetitive dive) then the switch will be turned on. Please let me know if this is not working for you after upgrading to MacDive 2.1.0 and re-syncing your logbook.



Greg McLaughlin
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Re: Little bug in new version (1.7)

Post by Twan77 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:28 pm

Hi Greg,

thank you for your reply.
I already noticed that macdive at this point does not support pressure groups, and therefore this data will be lost during sync. Let's hope it gets in there in a future release.

The repetitive dive problem is solved using your reply!
In Macdive, the first dive was set to 0, and the repetitive to 1. Changing that to 1 and 2 indeed fixes the problem!
Thanks for your help!

Greets Twan

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