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Dive Log 1.6 available in the App Store

Post by support » Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:39 pm

Dive Log version 1.6 is now available in the App Store. You can update from a previous version of Dive Log either from your iOS device by opening the App Store and selecting the Update tab or from iTunes by clicking on the "Apps" item in the sidebar under "Library" and then clicking on "check for Updates" in the lower right hand corner.

This version of Dive Log has some bug fixes and also introduces some new capabilities.

• Location overview map now available on iPhone/iPod touch (previously only available on iPad).

Once you have added GPS coordinates to at least one of your Dive Sites, a new item will appear on the Locations tab on iPhone and iPod touch labeled "Locations". Tap on that item and you will be presented with a map showing all your Dive Sites (that have GPS coordinates). You can tap on an individual Dive Site flag to see the name and rating for that Dive Site. The capability was previously available when you ran Dive Log on iPad but it has been extended to the iPhone and iPod touch for this release. Note that if you have Dive Sites that are very close together you may need to zoom the map to be able to access the individual flags.

• Added Equipment Statistics (count of dives using an equipment item and support for selecting dives that use that equipment item).

Dive Log's Statistics tab now has an additional item that provides statistics about which dives and how many dives any given piece of Equipment has been used by tapping on the "Equipment" row at the bottom of the Statistics tab. You can tap on any individual Equipment item in the Statistics tab to get a list of all the dives using that Equipment item.

• Added support for changing the sorting of the lists in Statistics to show the items with the highest count first (vs the default ordering).

Along with the added statistics by Equipment item, the statistics by Dive Site, City/Island, Country/Region, Buddies and Dive Type or Activity have had their display updated to so it is easier to see the item's information and the count. The ability to sort the the lists by count has also been added. Tap the "Sort" button in the upper right hand corner and the list will toggle between it's default sorting and being sorted by the count.

• Surface interval is now calculated from the previous dive if possible.

In previous version of Dive Log, when you were editing a Surface Interval where one was not previously entered, the picker was initialized to 0 Days, 0 Hours and 0 Minutes. Now, when possible, Dive Log will calculate the surface interval based on your previous dive and initialize the picker to that value. It is not always possible to calculate a surface interval (maybe the previous dive did not have an "Entry Time" or was too far in the past) so you may not always see a calculated value. You will be presented with the existing surface interval value if you are editing a dive where the surface interval has previously been set. You can force Dive Log to try to calculate a new surface interval value by clearing the existing value for the dive. To clear an existing surface interval value tap "Edit" on the Dive Metrics screen and then tap the red "-" beside the surface interval row and then confirm by tapping the "Delete" button that appears.

• Entry Time is now shown on the main Dive list.

Your "Entry Time" for each dive has been added to the main dive list (and any dive lists presented elsewhere in Dive Log). You can now see the Dive Number, Dive Date, Entry Time and complete Location information for each dive at a glance.

• Bug fixes and general improvements.

Most bug fixes are for pretty obscure problems that were only encountered by a few users. We strive to make Dive Log free from all bugs and certainly appreciate it when you make us aware of issues.



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