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Re: Sync Iphone and IPad

Post by support » Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:41 am


We are continuing to work on direct syncing between iOS devices via iCloud and Dropbox. Our initial focus is on iCloud syncing but the "hard" part of the process is the same for both iCloud and Dropbox. We currently have the basic mechanisms (data transmission and the actual merging of the data between multiple devices including conflict resolution that can result from delays uploading data to the "cloud") working in the lab and plan to have it generally available later this year. We are making every effort to ensure that there are no issues that could result in data loss. Unlike desktop syncing, it is much more difficult for a user to recover from an issue since as an end user (or as a developer really) you can directly access either the iOS device's or the "cloud"'s files (particularly the ones staged for transmission). So we want to ensure that this feature is rock solid before shipping it in a general release.



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