importing dive data from diver log on my mac

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importing dive data from diver log on my mac

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I have been using a ProPlus 3 dive computer and have about 152 dives. I'm interested in getting a back up Sherwood Perdix AL that will probably become my primary in short order.
Is it possible to import my DiverLog info into DiveLog 6.0? I am a mac user and have purchased the app for my iphone and ipad. I would love to use my laptop mac too if possible. I'm confused about how to do that! Do you have instructions a 62 yr old lady could follow? Thanks. JoLee

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Re: importing dive data from diver log on my mac

Post by support » Mon May 08, 2017 11:10 am

Absolutely we can help with that. But let's get some terminology set first. I'm guessing that you are in fact getting a *Shearwater* Perdix AI. And, Diving Log 6.0 is the PC/Windows version of the software and is from a different developer (that we work closely with).

The macOS version of the software is called DiveLogDT and you can purchase it from the Mac App Store App. The iOS version of the app for your iPad and iPhone (which you already own) is called just DiveLog.The free version for the Mac is called DiveLogManager - it allows you to view/import/backup your logbook from DiveLog, but does not allow you to Edit it or Download dive computers.

1) Transfering old dives :: There is no way right now to get your existing dives from DiverLog into DiveLog on your iPhone or iPad directly, but there is a way to do it using the Mac. DiverLog uses a proprietary format to store the information, and we do not know how to read it so we can not import directly from your DiverLog logbook. The paid version of DiverLog (not the free one) will allow you to export your dives into a format called DL7. Then you can Import these DL7 files into DiveLogDT. You should know that this DL7 format does *not* support very much in the amount of details of each dive. Just the basic's of date/time and depth profile information. No Location information or any other things like that.

2) Synchronizing between DiveLogDT/DiveLogManager and DiveLog :: You will want to sync DiveLogDT and DiveLog using WiFi synchronization. If you "enable sync" using DiveLog for iOS, you will see your iDevice show up under DiveLogDT/DiveLogManager under the Synchronization section. Just make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Then, you can either *copy* your current logbook file back and forth, *OR* you can "Two-Way Sync" the logbooks so that changes made in both places are preserved. In order for "Two-Way Sync" to work properly, you need to make sure that both applications have started with essentially the same logbook. This is to ensure that you don't "Two-Way Sync" with someone else's logbook accidentally.

3) Downloading a Shearwater Perdix AI :: You can download this dive computer using either DiveLogDT on the Mac, or with DiveLog (with DiveLog, you must purchase an additional "In App Purchase" to add this functionality). This dive computer uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to download, so your Mac and your iPhone and iPad need to also have BLE. Most modern ones do so unless you have an older one, this should be fine. Regardless of where you download this dive computer, you'll want to synchronize your devices afterwards so that all the information is on all the devices.

4) Downloading your Oceanic ProPlus 3 :: You can also download this computer using DiveLogDT using the USB cable. DiveLog for iOS can not download this directly, but could using a 3rd party device called dcBuddy.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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