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DC Buddy

Post by racerx_ » Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:12 am

Hi.. i'm trying to use my DC Buddy with divelog on the iphone. It sees the DC Buddy, pairs, and seems all ok. but it only let's me choose to download 'all dives' or shows me one dive that i can manually select. This dive is the most recent dive with a profile in my dive log. After that i have 3 dives i've already entered, but no profile yet since i didn't have my DC Buddy. I was hoping the DC buddy would update those 3 dives with profiles but i can't seem to make it work. could you help me with this?

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Re: DC Buddy

Post by support » Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:28 pm


You should be able to achieve your goal using Dive Log and DCbuddy. The Dive Log download is a two step process. The first step is to download the dives from your dive computer and then choose the specific dives that you want to import and how you want to import them (add them as new dives or combine the data with existing dives in your logbook that may have previously entered).

The interface that you are seeing when you first get to the DCbuddy download page has not downloaded anything from your dive computer until you tap the "Download" button in the top right hand corner. However, before you do that you need to tell Dive Log which manufacturer and model of dive computer you will be downloading (Dive Log remembers your choice for future downloads). You also can set up the "Stop Dive" so that when you download your dive computer only the most recent dives are downloaded. By default, Dive Log will pick the most recent dive with a profile in your logbook as the "Stop Dive". You can change this choice or select all dives. When Dive Log is downloading the dive computer it will compare each dive as it is downloaded to see if the "Stop Dive" has been reached yet and will stop the download once it has. Then you initiate the download by waking up the DCbuddy (if it is not already) and then tapping the "Download" button once Dive Log establishes a connection to the DCbuddy. Once the download is complete you'll decide on which dives to add to your logbook and set up any "merging" with existing dives.

Here are the steps that you would take to import the most recent dives from your computer and merge them with the dives previously entered manually:

1) Pick the correct computer manufacturer
2) Pick the correct computer model
3) Pick how many dives you want to download from your dive computer
a) All Dives - in your current situation this is what you want
b) dives that happened *after* the checked dive (this will be what you want to pick on future downloads)
4) Then wake up your DCbuddy if it is not already and then tap the “Download” button in the upper right hand corner
- this will start talking to your dive computer and download all the dives that you requested (into an intermediate file)
5) Once the download is complete, you will be offered the chance to “Import” your dives - tap on the Import button
6) Now pick the dives that you want to import from the list of available dives (presumably 3 dives)
7) Then tap the “Start Dive #” button in the lower right hand corner to pick the first dive in your existing logbook that matches the first dive you picked from your dive computer download and tap “Save”
8) Then tap the “Import” button

Dive log will proceed to “import” the 3 dives you selected and “merge” the profile data with the dives that are already in your logbook.

In future downloads, Dive Log will always pick your last dive with a profile as the “Stop Dive” for downloading. This way your dive computer only has to transfer dives that you have not imported yet. You can then add them as new dives or use the steps above to “merge” them with your existing dives.

I hope that helps clarify the process.



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